Episode 45: Gover St Gallery

Heidi Griffin speaks about the new community gallery she's opening on Gover Street in Ngāmotu / New Plymouth.

Episode 44: Teresa Goodin

We interview collage artist and printmaker Teresa Goodin. We talk about her interests in reproduction and archetypes, and the gallery and studio space in Tataraimaka (the old Okato Cheese factory) she shares with a number of artists.

Episode 52: Ruth Buchanan

Ruth Buchanan is using the Govett Brewster's world-famous collection to ask questions about institutions, inclusion and where our bodies belong in the exhibition, The scene in which I find myself / Or, where does my body belong.

Episode 39: Rubi Riot

Waitara-based painter Rubi Riot elaborates on the stories behind her colourful, layered paintings: of music, myth, magic, love and house fires.

Episode 37: Stu Tullett Morris

Stu Tullett Morris's paintings deliberately entertain naivety, becoming psychedelic, character-filled fests of movement in oil pastel, house paint and other media.

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